I'm not so sure that I like Dylan as much as the first time I saw her.

She declared that she was right.

All the patients eventually died.

Cathy doesn't like cleaning the bathroom.

Thanks to your help, I have succeeded.

Temperatures will get lower.

To distinguish right from wrong is difficult.

True democracy makes no enquiry about the color of skin, or the place of nativity, wherever it sees man, it recognizes a being endowed by his Creator with original inalienable rights.

I just want to get something to eat.


I got on the horse.


I anticipated his question.

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I want to know exactly how Shane died.

There are five German-Americans on the American team.

The 21st century composition was so discordant that it felt as though the performer was murdering the Steinway Grand piano.

You two had a fight today, didn't you?

I ate three eggs and two pieces of toast for breakfast.


The captain is dead.


Did Ole say what it was about?

Have you seen Lar's room?

They dissuaded her from cutting her long hair.

Cats like boxes.

I'd like to see them both.

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He makes it a rule to go over the financial section every time he reads the paper.

How long are you in town?

You have done it totally incorrect!

The police officer yelled at Pravin to stop.

Where was the body found?

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Throw them away.

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I threw a stone at the bird.

How was the universe formed?

Hubble has two solar panels which are each 2.3 meters by 11.9 meters in size. These panels convert sunlight directly into electricity.

This story has an unhappy ending.

Valeria needs to lower his expectations.

Why would somebody hit Kenton?

I read this book when I was in college.

This is the hospital where Sriram was born.

Better the devil you know than the devil you don't.

At least I'm in class on time.

You seem Uzbek to me.


I have no intention of resigning.

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Racist people are ignorant.

Terrance was dumbstruck.

Just imitate what he does.

This book is one of the poet's best works.

My wife showed excellent taste in decorating the room.

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He lives at peace with his wife.

The argument became so heated that it ended in an exchange of invectives.

Whatever I do is always wrong!

Please don't walk so fast. I can't keep pace with you.

They exchanged smiles.

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Who did Atahualpa fight?

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I will probably be given a car by my dad and I would feel happy about it if that happened.

Can you give me a geological explanation of lava?

Santa should've at least offered to pay.

I don't even know which one is which.

To execute cannot show mercy.

It is a nice day!

What do you spend most of your time on the computer doing?

It's about as easy to start a union in a Walmart as it is to start an atheist club in the Vatican.

Who is your wife, me or Tatoeba?

He found it very hard to keep the conversation going.

Do aliens dream of other worlds?

Metin won't be able to keep up with you.

Some new books were added to the library at his expense.


Take my horse.

I don't have anyone else I can ask.

Have lunch.

He looked black with anger.

I don't have a bike.

We need to burn all this stuff.

Do you have something to tell me?

Please take your seats.

We'll need help.

The day began to break.

I need Magnus to know that.


Straka doesn't like to lose.


He prefers patients who can't talk.


I like English very much.

You're not Gabriel.

Eddy walked to the gate.

Just get rid of it.

That's the challenge.


I never really was on your side.

She's apples.

That's not the way to go.

Where are the history records of our chats on MSN?

Are you saying I'm impolite?

I'm going to take good care of you.

Where have you gone?

If you can't love yourself, no one else will.

These people are our guests.

I know what it takes.

I like Roger Federer. What tennis player do you like?

I have a feeling you'll like Mexican food.

He echoes his wife in everything.


I said we'd find him.

Vijay is pretty old, isn't he?

It's too hot and I'm very tired.

There is a lot of work to do.

What does that cost?

Everyone who worked on that project became a millionaire.

You didn't do anything wrong.


Was someone helping you?

This dress is cheaper than yours.

Do you remember what time you woke up this morning?

Earl wasn't always there for me.

That must've been fun.


Some women tell their hairdressers about all their problems.


This alarm clock gains one minute a day.

"Automobile" is a hybrid word.

Joyce is a retired businessman.


I'm ready to move on with my life.

Are you scared to talk to girls?

They were on vacation last July.

We want to talk to her.

Take a glance at the mirror.


We have an account with the bank.


I'm in way over my head.

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All I want now is a hot shower and a good night's sleep.

I imagine that James will eventually convince Wolf to let him buy a new motorcycle.

Many people take advantage of the weekend to carry out housework.

Ask Rafik to call me.

Maya priests learned much about astronomy.


I'm going to go tomorrow no matter what.

I just wanted to help them.

Go and talk to him.

Stopgap measures won't make a dent in drug addiction.

My colleagues welcomed me very warmly.

What does that matter now?

Do you want me to wait until you come for me?

His boyfriend is an idiot.

How do I fix the seat?

I wasn't concerned about that.

He's in the kitchen preparing food.

It's Tatoeba.

Even a little boy knows his own name.

Raja looked down at his dirty shoes.

Wait for me by the car!

Your death will serve as an example.

The patient finally conquered his illness.

I've never had to go there before.

This article is more interesting than the previous one.


This boat goes through the jungle.


He has such foreign books as you can't obtain in Japan.

Hsi has done well here.

There was not enough fuel.

How did Jay take it when you told him?

This story you're telling is unbelievable.

How long does it take to get there from here?

It's unlikely she's as clueless as you think.

My mother is crazy.

The bartender threw Werner out of the bar.

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Soon, the expanse of the galaxy became reminiscent of ancient Polynesian migrational waves throughout the Pacific Ocean.

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I wasn't able to find what I was looking for.

Then who?

You are the last person I expected to see here.


It's time for my break.

You're always making mistakes.

He washes lettuce.


They adopted my point of view.

I spent the afternoon painting a picture.

Do you drink wine?

You're looking well.

I was happy for her.

I want to be in the other group.

Make your brain work before talking!